Shopping Trays

Think of all the plant handling that goes on when your customer is shopping -- from the bench to checkout to the customer's car.

Instead of customers fumbling with your plants, getting frustrated and possibly damaging inventory, treat them to our handy cardboard trays. Our exclusive Shopping Trays can also add to your bottom line. It's proven fact that customers purchase more when they can carry more. Call (800) 433-8247 for more details on cardboard shopping trays.

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Shopping Tray, 11x16"

This new and exclusive product is sure to enhance the retail experience. Made of 1/8" cardboard, our trays ship flat but assemble in seconds. They're strong enough to hold 1-gallon pots or more. The base is 11" by 16" and will hold 12 bedding plants in 3.5" pots. Side walls are 2" high. Each bundle of 50 trays comes with assembly instructions.