Connecting with Consumers to Sell More Plants!

The retail garden center environment is more challenging than ever. Consumers are much busier and preoccupied today than past generations. In order to increase sales we have to ask ourselves this very important question. How do growers and retailers connect with today’s consumer to sell plants? Knowing the answer will increase sales and set growers and retailers apart from their competition.

First we have to consider the challenges in today’s market. . .

  1. Gardening is fading as a hobby. Younger generations aren’t gardening.
  2. The average consumer has less time to devote to gardening.
  3. Financial resources are limited - must get the most for their dollar.

 How do growers get noticed in today’s garden centers and sell more plants?

  1. Product and packaging that sets you apart - get noticed.
  2. Make it easy - younger generations have less time to garden.
  3. Information resource - help the most inexperienced gardener quickly get the information they need.

Steps to Marketing Success

Follow these three simple steps for marketing success to get your product noticed and generate more sales for both you and the retailers you sell to.

Step 1: Get the consumer’s attention. Consumer research shows that retailers are not creating inspiration in their garden centers. This is especially important to connect with the younger generations. Create product packaging and displays that create inspiration, get noticed and generate impulse sales.

SavorIt Signage and Tags


Step 2: Provide information to make an informed buying decision. Create packaging that conveys important information that the consumer is looking for to make a buying decision. This information should include sun exposure, bloom time, size, cold hardiness, water requirements and care information at the least. Recent consumer research indicates that consumers are actually willing to pay more for a plant if it is “drought tolerant” and also want to know if a plant is “easy to grow”.

Tags that help make an informed buying decision

Step 3: Promote success and satisfaction after the sale. Create supporting materials like mobile web sites so consumers can get additional care, pruning and tie-in product information to ensure they have success with the plant in their garden. This will give them the confidence to return to the store to purchase more plants in the future.

Promote success after the sale

Note: The references to consumer research were provided by Home & Garden Panel.

About the author: Julie Ellis is a Senior Sales Executive at Horticultural Marketing & Printing. She serves both horticultural and commercial clients across the US and Canada. Julie has been with HMP for over 22 years. She specializes in working with clients to develop innovative marketing solutions to help them sell more plants! You can reach Julie at

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