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August 17, 2016


Annuals in the garden

New gardeners can struggle with the definition of annuals vs. perennials. They can also be confused on how to mix annual and perennials in the landscape. One of the best ways to help a novice gardener achieve a lush garden is to help them expand their plant palette by selecting seasonal annuals to interplant with their existing perennials and shrubs. For example, planting pockets of annuals like pentas, begonias, and caladiums will provide great color throughout the warm season when many other plants are taking a break from the heat. Annuals can provide great transition and maintain visual interest from winter into spring and summer into fall when perennials and shrubs may not yet be putting on their best show. 



Printer maintenance

Now that we’ve made it through the busy spring and summer season, it’s a good idea to perform some routine maintenance on your printer. These tips will help you keep your printer in good working condition. Make sure your sensor is adjusted correctly, and clean your print head if it has gotten dusty. We recommend cleaning thermal transfer print heads after every roll with our Thermpen Cleaning Pens. If you are getting no paper or paper jam errors clean your feed rollers with a piece of clean cotton and isopropyl alcohol and clean your media sensor with a blast of canned air.

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OnSyteXTRA 5 Printer

The industry's best and most-relied-upon thermal transfer printer. The XTRA-5 has a 5-inch print head and an extended frame to accommodate labels up to 9 inches wide. It also has a near-edge print head making it perfect for thicker nursery labels (including pot stakes!). Prints 300 DPI images for high-resolution barcodes and graphics.


Biodegradeable Marking Ribbon and Barricade Tape 

Our biodegradable marking ribbon is made of non-woven cellulose material derived from wood pulp. This material is non-toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. Complete degradation will occur outdoors in six to twenty-four months, depending upon environmental and climactic conditions. Marking ribbon is 1” x 100’, barricade tape is 3”x 150’.

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