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June 22, 2016



Shopping Habits

A study of 300 shoppers ages 18-55 showed that 57% of consumers still make most of their purchases in store. Customers said that they ‘valued interaction with knowledgeable store associates and the ability to try products before buying’ as the main reasons for visiting brick and mortar stores. However, nearly a third of shoppers visited retailer websites to evaluate their purchases; while another 22% used exclusively online stores to research products that were purchased at retail locations. Even in these days of online shopping, keeping your sales staff up-to -date and well versed on your store inventory will improve your customers’ overall shopping experience and satisfaction.  (Source: Green Profit Magazine)


Retail / Wholesale Pricing

Many nurseries sell to both retail and wholesale customers. When that’s the case, you’re always going to have two different price points for each plant you sell. 

In addition to putting the retail price on the tag, it’s handy to have the wholesale price too. That way your wholesale customers can shop without constantly asking your staff, “How much is this? How much is that?”

By coding your wholesale pricing, you allow your landscapers to shop with less assistance. An easy code for customers to understand is putting the wholesale price at the end of a series of numbers. For instance, something that would wholesale for $10.99 could be coded 246981099. Cultivating both retail and wholesale customers will help your merchandise turns and allow you to have the freshest products possible.


Annual & Perennial Designer Tags


Colorfully distinguish annuals from perennials in your garden center. Choose from sun exposure color coded or single no-sun-exposure pot stakes. Actual size is 5/8” x 5” made of .020 Styrene.

Enter ANNPERDESIGNERTAGSJULY16 in the shopping cart window to receive 10% off your purchase of Annual or Perennial Designer Tags.

Classified Signs

The flexible, easy way to sign trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers, annuals, and perennials. Sizes: 5x4,5x7,7x5,11x7, and 7x11. Made of .015 weatherproof vinyl; sold in packages of 25.



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