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May 26, 2016



Let your printer help reconcile deliveries

It’s always best practice to tag plants at the exact moment they’re coming off the vendor’s truck. Print the tags for the upcoming day’s deliveries so you’ll be ready when the trucks arrive. As we all know, counting plants is one of the hardest tasks human beings have ever attempted. If you tag plants as they come off the truck, you have a safety net. If the truck is empty and you still have tags in your hand, you know you got shorted. You then inform your vendor and you don’t pay for plants you didn’t receive. By using this simple practice, your label printer can help save you money and time.



Software upgrades: Why they’re important.

You’ve heard, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” With the interconnectivity of computer operating systems, internet browsers, cloud services and business software, you may rethink that. As older systems are no longer supported by upgraded software, you could experience a gap in workflow if all your software isn’t kept up to date. When you receive notice that software updates are available (or needed) check if your business-essential software is compatible. If it is, go ahead and upgrade. If it isn’t, look into what it will take to upgrade. Keeping all your software current will maintain the stability and efficiency of your business.


Custom, Print-on-Demand Billboards

With our new UDesign technology, you can personalize your 7 x 5” and 11 x 7” billboard signs and promote your BRAND NAME® along with your plants. You can choose from over 10,000 plant varieties -- over 4 times more than were available on the traditional billboards.

The completely customizable billboards allow you to:

• Add your company name and logo

• Add retail pricing and container size

• Edit plant descriptions

   • Choose from 7”x 5” or 11”x 7” signs

   • Select from 3 different templates for each size

   • Select theme color or add your own background photo

  • Add tie-in products.


Galvanized Sign Holders for your personalized Billboards

Our most popular sign holders feature proven galvanized steel construction for years of reliable use. Use our 11 x 7” and 7 x 5” galvanized sign holders on either 18” or 30” stakes to display your custom billboard signs. Our sign holders feature faces that are flanged on all 4 sides to keep signs from blowing out.

Enter GALFORUDESIGNJUNE16 in the shopping cart window to receive 10% off your purchase of Galvanized Sign Holders.




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