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September 28, 2016

Custom Containers

As an independent retailer one of your advantages is your ability to customize your merchandise. Customized mixed containers or baskets will give your customers a chance to purchase items not found at large retailers. You can also utilize small or local vendors of pottery and other crafts to give planters a unique look that is not available elsewhere. Because they are your creations, these unique, custom items cannot be price shopped elsewhere; you will be able to price them according to their perceived value. Another benefit to this line of products is immediate purchases. Help your customers realize that once these are gone, they’re gone, so if the item appeals to them, they should buy it now.  (Source: Green Profit Magazine)


Static electricity control

The paper in your office printer is susceptible to static electricity. Static electricity causes the paper inside your printer to stick together and jam in the printer's rollers and other components. Low humidity and the transfer of electrical charges from your fingertips to the paper causes static to form between the sheets of paper inside your printer.

Static electricity increases during the winter months. For static control in work areas, use anti-static mats on floors and work surfaces, and have staff wear anti-static wrist bands, heel straps or conductive shoes. Using an anti-static spray on surfaces may also be helpful. For more serious and constant issues with static use a static eliminator. Static eliminators come in different shapes and sizes for different applications; they can help remove static from either the media, the person or both.

TITAN 4 thermal transfer printer

We are pleased to introduce our newest addition to our family of printers, the budget-friendly TITAN 4 thermal-transfer printer. This new model will produce strip tags, light pot stakes, pressure-sensitive sticker labels and 4 x 5" signs. It’s easy to use, lightweight and portable, if you need to print in multiple locations. Label feeding and sensor adjustments are easy and the external label mount assembly accommodates OnSyte labels with 3" cores. Check it out on line or give us a call for more information.


Large Sold Tags

Our Large SOLD tags are just the thing to clearly mark items that have already been purchased. Made from .015 weatherproof long lasting red vinyl; they are printed SOLD on front and space for Customer Name, Address, Phone, and Deposit on back. They are available strung, wired, or unstrung. Tags are 5” W x 2.5” H; sold in packages of 100.

Enter SOLDTAGSOCT16 in the shopping cart window to receive 10% off your purchase of Large Sold Tags.



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