Plant Marketing Strategies for the Horticulture Industry

Properly targeted and focused marketing strategies can and will change the perceived value of your products, differentiate you in the marketplace, promote consumer success and satisfaction, and generate those all-important repeat sales.

Marketing strategies run the gambit from simple to complex. An effective strategy can be as simple as high-lighting a plant attribute or as complicated as creating a plant brand with a strong brand message.

Plant attributes like “Drought Tolerant”, “Cold Tolerant” and “Sun Lovers” have been used effectively to differentiate, promote and direct consumers to groups of plants. Tag lines such as “Easy to Grow”, “Farm Fresh”, “University Recommended” resonate with consumers and are very effective at targeting consumers who can’t or don’t want to devote a lot of time to gardening and landscaping. The best place to promote is at the point of sale. Communicate attributes using labeling or signing. Utilize unique icons to make it easy for the consumer to find the plant with the attributes they desire.

Plant brands can be developed around a single plant, a series of plants or an entire line of plants. The challenge is finding a powerful brand promise that truly relates to the end consumer. Independent Garden Centers should consider branding or co-branded plants with their corporate name to build brand equity and clear differentiation. Nothing is more important to a Retailer than promoting their brand in the marketplace. The thousands of plants, labeled with your company name, leaving the nursery every year is a powerful marketing strategy. Every branded plant tag is an advertisement and research says that consumers keep plant tags for future reference.

To help execute marketing strategies, retailers and growers are now using advanced LED/Laser printers, UV resistant toners, and weatherproof stocks to easily and quickly produce high quality customized signs and tags. Some growers are exclusively using in-house printers to produce all of their full color plant tags; customized for different retailers.

Whether you are a grower or retailer, there are marketing strategies out there to help your grow sales and profits. Take a second to check out some of the unique designs below. One of these could be just what your business needs.

About the author: Tim Peterson is a Senior Account Executive at Horticultural Marketing & Printing. His past experience includes Marketing Services for Frito-Lay and Borden Foods. He was also a Managing Director at Brand Institute. Currently he services horticultural accounts in the Northwest US and Canada and excels at marketing and brand development.

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